eQualTech Professional Service

Equal Technology Hong Kong Limited (eQualTech) has been serving IT and facility customers since 2002. eQualTech engineers, designs, and builds complete turnkey data centers and computer rooms. We represent the major manufacturers of computer power & environmental products including generator system, uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS), computer room air conditioner (CRAC), alert monitoring systems, water leak detection systems, aspirating smoke detection systems, server/ network enclosures (Rack), fire systems (FM200), networking cabling (Fiber / Ethernet cable), power distribution systems (electrical work), automatic transfer switch (ATS) and raised access flooring. Computer Room Design can install all of the data center products that we recommend and we also provide Computer Room Relocation Services to suit your needs. Our comprehensive turnkey quotations incorporate all data center design, products, installation and 7x24 on-site maintenance service, emergency repair, preventive maintenance.

eQualTech Professional Service Scope

  • Total Solution with E&M Proposal for the Design & Build of the Server Room or DataCenter
  • Project Management Service with project monitoring, schedule and drawing submission
  • Professional Installation Team Support
  • Our Maintenance Service available on 365 days per year, 7 days per week and 24 hours per day
  • Our Emergency On-site Response Time within 2 hours to 4 hours
  • Our Emergency Telephone Response Time within 15 mins to 30 mins
  • Dedicated Customer Service and Project Manager to take appropriate action, Monitor the Service Quality & Progress as well
  • Professional technician to solve problems & provide safety solution
  • Our Preventive Maintenance Visit to prevent and maintain the facilities in a good condition and normal operation
  • Repairable and Replacement Service
  • Relocation and Migration Service
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Responsible for quality, safety, schedule, cost management and overall improvement of project management level.

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For the use of high-precision air-conditioning room, it can not only control the temperature of the room, but also can control the humidity.

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To ensure that key equipment and devices in the computer room are designed and configured for safe, stable and reliable operation

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The fire can quickly detect and immediately shuffle extinction, the important and valuable information in the room and the maintenance of the environment

eQualTech Professional Service Team

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First, the power system is stable and secure, with power control to achieve a more stable service.