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We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for Datacenters or Server Rooms or All-in-One Rack Solutions including world-class UPS Systems, Cooling Systems (CRAC), Fire Systems (FM200), Structured Cabling Systems, Centralize Monitoring Systems and Raised Floor System.

professional installation service

eQualTech professional team is providing the specialize installation service and up to 7 days 24 hours 365 days of on-site maintenance services without interruption. We now have more than 5,000 valued customers are using our solutions and services.

Structured Cabling System

We provide Structured Cabling Solutions for whole buildings, whole offices, Datacenters or Server Rooms, including UTP cables, Fiber optic cables. In addition, we also get world-class brand authorized we are professional installer and service partners.

Datacenter and Server Room

We understand the Datacenters standards and provide the right, reliable, cost-effective and green data center / server room solutions. We understand the kinds of need for our customers about the relocation, design, construction and maintenance services..

Datacenter Facilities

Alert Monitoring System

● Email Alert Method
● Phone Alert Method
● SMS Alert Method

Design for small server room/indicated by Rack Alert Monitoring System
Design for large server room/ datacenter/ Containment Alert Monitoring System


Battery System

TO Be Provide


Builders Work

TO Be Provide


Cable ContainmentCabling System

Cat5e UTP Cable ——Cat6 UTP Cable
Cat6a UTP Cable ——Fiber Optics
Fiber Runner ——Patch panel
Cable Management ——Networking Enclosure


Containment/ Server & Network Rack System

TO Be Provide


Cooling System

● Comfort Cooling
● Precision Cooling (CRAC)


Electrical Work/ Power Distribution System

TO Be Provide

Fire Suppression System

● FM-200 systems (ECS/9300 and ADS/PHX)
● Novec 1230 Fluid systems
● FE-13 Systems
● Argonite systems


Fuel Leakage System

● AFS-20 Fuel Sensor


Raised Floor System

TO Be Provide

Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)

● Standby
● Line-interactive
● Standby-ferro
● Double-conversion on-line
● Delta-conversion on-line

In the power range of 750 VA to 5000 VA, nearly all UPSs sold for use in today’s IT applications are either line-interactive or double-conversion on-line. Other topologies are uncommon in this range for reasons beyond the scope of this paper.


Water Leakage System

● Locatingsolution
● Non-Locationsolution

  • Design and Build of Data Centre / Server Room Conclusion

    TIA-942 is the first standard to specifically addresses datacenter infrastructure.Primarily a telecom infrastructure standard, but about half of the content deals with facility requirements.Provides a flexible and manageable structured cabling system using standard media.Builds on existing standards, when applicableGuidelines on a wide range of subjects useful to someone designing or managing a datacenter. An official tiering standard for determining the quality of a center. A way to objectively compare one center with another.


    We help customers to design and build computer rooms for critical IT Environments for your business needs today and in the future.

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    eQualTech is the Hong Kong leading provider of critical power and cooling services for IT. With over 15 years experience, we specialize in the design, installation, maintenance and optimisation of critical physical IT infrastructure and utility services.


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